I Don't Even Like Raisins

Well, I'm back! I read my AP classic without realizing it, and I have been having continuing commitment issues with books. I get to like the last three chapters and I'm just...

I finally finished a book, Still Star-Crossed. Only book I've finished on my own time this entire year.  Anyway, A Raisin In The Sun is an ok play by Lorriane Hansberry, that we read in theatre. It centers around a black family living in  South side, Chicago, 1950-60ish. They just lost their dad/ grandpa and they're about to receive his life insurance money which is more money than they've ever had. Everyone's arguing about what to do with the money. Our protagonist, Walter, wants to open a liquor store. His sister, Beneatha wants to go to to med school to become a doctor. Ruth, Walter's wife, argues that its Mama's money, is her's to do with as she pleases. I freakin' love Ruth and she doesn't deserve this crap.
I don't like Walter. He's always…

I Have a Little of The Shining

Halloween's tomorrow! Thanks to the schools door decorating contest being based off of Stephen King novels, I decided to write about my favourite book; The Shining. I was inspired to read Stephen King since I found out we shared a birthday, September 21st. (So the writer of my favourite song and my favourite author both have the same birthday as me, fun!) I decided to read The Shining to start with and see how I liked his style of writing.
The book is about a struggling writer (Jack) and his family. After being fired from teaching English at a local high school due to his alcoholism, he takes a job as a winter grounds keeper for the Overlook Hotel. He finds there is a rich and dark background to the hotel and drives himself mad bringing it all to light. Wendy, his wife, isn't so sure the change is good for him anymore. She starts to notice signs of his alcoholism coming back even though there are no booze in the hotel and it's impossible to get any since they're snowed…

Back Again With a New Look and Failure

Well, I thought I could let this go after sophmore year. I was wrong. Let's see, I haven't really finished any books, but I've been reading here and there. I think the book that's most prominent in my mind right now, is The School for Good and Evil. I was hesitant to read this book because it seem childish, but it turned out be very dark and lengthy. This thing is like almost nine hundred pages! Obviously it mention good and evil and what the difference is. The differences are really just about how society perceives them. It's amazing how easily good and bad can be mistaken for each other. I haven't mentioned anything about the book and what it's about, have I? Nope. Ok, here's some background.

There this village that had tow kids taken away by a mysterious force every few years. These kids end up in a magical world with a magical school split into good and evil. They get sorted and take classes according to their alignment, then end up in fairytales. …

Sick day

Me yesterday
Today I will be talking about The Wrath Of Dawn. This book is about a king who takes a new wife every night and the has her killed at sunrise. After countless murders, there is a volunteer. Shahrzad is the first not to die after the one night, and then she survives one more morning. I heard a good part of this tale at some point in my life before I read this book so I know how she did it. Since this was a romance book I was a little wary. This book ended up having more to it though, and also shows some interesting aspects about relationships. There's a part where Shahrzad says, "you're right I understand nothing, I know nothing, but who's fault is that?" Even though they might have been running smoothly up to that point secrets were getting in the way and it it takes two to keep a relationship going. So that was the book I read, hope you liked it.

The First Link You See Will Lead To Laughter

Me handling life like
I feel sorry for you heartless people who can't laugh at that. Anyway, I've been jumping around books again, mainly because I'm poor as dirt and can't buy anything, but with the help of my gracious mom I was able to get a book and blog about it.  I recently read Dark of The Moon by Tracy Barrett. It puts an interesting twist on the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur focusing more on Ariadne the lover he "abandoned" on the island of Naxos. On Crete they worship Ariadne's mother as She-Who-is-Goddess and Ariadne is referred to  She-Who-Will-Be-Goddess. Everyone fears them both for they are the leaders of the land and carry The Goddess's magic in them. To understand this better, please read the book; I highly recommend it. It is amazing. (I have no idea where I'm going with this so... let's see how this goes.) I think I'll cover how traditions change over time. So by the end of the book the traditions of She-Who-Is-Goddess…

Current Mood: Wednesday Addams Drinking Poison At Summer Camp

(You know what I'm talking about)
The only thought going through my head right now is the Drake and JoshTheme song.
"It's gonna take some time to realize, but if you look inside I'm sure you'll find....over your shoulder you know that I told you I'll always be picking you up when you're down, so just turn around." That show was good. What am I supposed to be talking about? Oh yeah books, right!
So I read Cat on a Hot Tin Rooffor my AP list book. If you've ever seen the movie with Elizabeth Taylor then you have seen a very good movie. It's my favorite Movie. (Trying to stay on track and failing) The book is about a father who has cancer and his children know but aren't telling him or his wife. Brick, his favorite son, is an alcoholic and his wife is trying to make him love her again. In both the book and the movie Liz's character says, "I feel trapped; trapped like a cat on a hot tin roof." to which her husband, Brick, replies…

Apologies and The Schwa

Hi, so this part of the post is mainly for my english teacher. I know I haven't been very good about keeping up with this blog, and I want to apologize. I know you want us to be excited and happy about blogging, and it's also such an easy grade when we turn it in on time. So I'm sorry that I am one of the few students that don't turn these in on time. 
Ok, moving on. So let's talk about books! I don't know. Um, how about The Schwa Was Here? I reread this over the summer and I wanted to share it because I think it's a good book that needs a bit more attention. The book is about a boy named Ansty and he meets another boy named Calvin, But he's referred to as The Schwa. Many people don't notice The Schwa because he's said to blend in with the scenery around him.  On this kind of wild adventure of girl problems and tested friendship, and don't forget the old man hiding in the dark apartment with the sins and virtues, Ansty and Calvin go on a que…